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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Engineering Metrology }

106. Expressing a dimension as 32.5/32.3 mm is the case of
A.Unilateral tolerance
B.Bilateral tolerance
C.Limiting dimension
D.All of the above

107. A bore of 14.67 mm in a workpiece can be measured by
A.Steel rule
B.Vernier caliper
C.Pneumatic gauge

108. The diameter of finish turned shaft can best be checked with a
A.Combination set
B.Slip gauge
C.Height gauge
D.Micrometer screw gauge

109. Accurate centring of work mounted in an independent chuck can be determined by using a
A.Centre gauge
B.Height gauge
C.Dial indicator
D.Surface gauge

110. In limits and fits system, basic shaft system is one whose
A.Lower deviation is zero
B.Upper deviation is zero
C.Minimum clearance is zero
D.Maximum clearance is zero

111. Which of the following is not the angle measuring device
A.Angle plate
B.Sine bar
C.Bevel protector
D.Angle gauge

112. To check the diameter of a twist drill with a micrometer, the measurement must be taken across the
A.Margins of the drill
B.Flutes of the drill
C.Cutting edges of the drill
D.Lips of the drill

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