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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Engineering Metrology }

99. The term "Allowance" in limits and fits is usually referred to
A.Minimum clearance between shaft and hole
B.Maximum clearance between shaft and hole
C.Difference of tolerances of hole and shaft
D.Difference between maximum size and minimum size of the hole
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100. Drilled holes, and honed holes, could be designated by following grades respectively
A.H5, H11
B.H6, H10
C.Hg, 116
D.H10, P5
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101. Sensitivity of measuring equipment is
A.The closeness with which a measurement can be read directly from a measuring instrument
B.A measure of how close the reading is to the true size
C.The difference between measured value and actual value
D.The smallest change in measurand that can be measured
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102. Newall system of limits and fits is the oldest system working on hole basis system. The grades of holes and shafts specified respectively are
A.2, 6
B.1, 8
C.4, 12
D.6, 20
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103. ISA tolerance system consists of following numbers of qualities of tolerance, and grades of fit respectively
A.6, 15
B.8, 20
C.12, 21
D.16, 21
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104. Expressing a dimension as 25.3?005 mm is the case of
A.Unilateral tolerance
B.Bilateral tolerance
C.Limiting dimensions
D.All of the above
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105. Surface roughness on a drawing is represented by
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