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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Engineering Metrology }

92. The lateral faces of slip gauges are at right angles correct to within
A.? 1 degree
B.? 30 minutes
C.? 10 minutes
D.? 1 minute

93. Protector gauge blocks in slip gauges are
A.Used as reference blocks
B.Mounted in the centre of pile
C.Never touched
D.Wrung on the end of combinations

94. According to accuracy, slip gauges are classed under following number of accuracy classes

95. A protector in slip gauges is provided to
A.Protect slip gauges when not is use
B.Take up all the wear when in use
C.Clean the slip gauges
D.Facilitate wringing of slip gauges

96. The two slip gauges in precision measurement are joined by

97. Plug gauges are used to
A.Measure the diameter of the workpieces
B.Measure the diameter of the holes in the workpieces
C.Check the diameter of the holes in the workpieces
D.Check the length of the holes in the workpieces

98. Pick out the wrong statement about Taylor's principle of gauging.
A.Go gauges should be full form gauges
B.Go gauges should check all the related dimensions simultaneously
C.It is sufficient to use Go gauges on the width and length of the component
D.Not Go gauges should check only one dimension at a time

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