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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Engineering Metrology }

78. Universal surface gauge is used
A.For flatness testing
B.For layout work and inspection
C.For measuring profile of complex surface
D.For measuring surface roughness
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79. Accuracy is
A.The repeatability of a measuring process
B.Error of judgement in recording an observation
C.The ability of instrument to reproduce same reading under identical situations
D.Agreement of the result of a measurement with the true value of the measured quantity
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80. Random errors follow the following distribution
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81. Which one of the following is the least accurate measuring device
A.Air gauge
B.Steel scale.
C.Optical projector
D.Vernier micrometer
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82. Pick up the wrong statement :
A.Accuracy of an instrument is closeness to the true dimension
B.Precision represents the degree of repetitiveness.
C.Sensitivity refers to minimum change in value that the instrument can reliably indicate.
D.As the sensitivity of an instrument increase, its range of measurement also increases.
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83. Fiducial indicators contain
A.Calibrated scale
B.A single index mark
C.Micrometer screw movement
D.Optical head
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84. A comparator for its working depends on
A.Accurately calibrated scale
B.Comparison with standard such as slip gauges
C.Accurate micrometer gauge
D.Optical devices
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