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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Engineering Metrology }

71. Which of the following is not the essential requirement for accuracy of measurement with a sine bar
A.Flatness of upper surface
B.Equality of size and roundness of rollers
C.Exact distance between roller axes and mutual parallelism
D.Parallelism between top and bottom surfaces
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72. The following type of gauges has gauging sections combined on one end
A.Combination gauge
B.Progressive gauge.
C.Go and No Go gauge
D.Fixed gauge
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73. The vernier reading should not be taken at ? its face value before an actual check has been taken for
A.Zero error
B.Its calibration
C.Flatness of measuring jaws
D.Temperature equalisation
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74. Which comparator utilises the principle of a button spinning on a loop of string
A.Sigma comparator
B.Aramson comparator
C.Optical comparator
D.Zeiss interferometer
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75. Gear tooth vernier is used to measure
A.Circular pitch
B.Pitch line thickness of tooth.
C.Tooth thickness
D.Addendum and dedendum
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76. Error of measuring equipment is
A.The closeness with which a measurement can be read directly from a measuring instrument.
B.A measure of how close the reading is to the true size
C.(e) the difference between measured value and actual value
D.The smallest change in measureand that can be measured
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77. Which of the following is not provided on combination set
A.Centre head
B.Protractor head
C.Vernier scale
D.Spirit level
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