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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Engineering Mechanics }

50. Pick up the incorrect statement from the following:
A.The C.G. of a circle is at its centre
B.The C.G. of a triangle is at the intersection of its medians
C.The C.G. of a rectangle is at the intersection of its diagonals
D.The C.G. of a semicircle is at a distance of r/2 from the centre
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51. In the equation of virtual work, following force is neglected
A.Reaction of any smooth surface with which the body is in contact
B.Reaction of a rough surface Of a body which rolls on it without slipping
C.Reaction at a point or an axis, fixed in space, around which a body is constrained to turn
D.All of the above
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52. If a suspended body is struck at the centre of percussion, then the pressure on the axis, passing through the point of suspension will be
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53. The resultant of the following three couples (20 kg force, 0. 5 m arm, + ve sense), (30 kg force, 1 m arm, - ve sense) & (40 kg force, 0. 25 m arm, + ve sense) having arm of 0.5 in will be
A.20 kg, - ve sense
B.20 kg, + ve sense
C.10 kg, + ve sense
D.10 kg, - ve sense
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54. The coefficient of friction depends on
A.Area of contact
B.Shape of surfaces
C.Strength of surfaces
D.Nature of surface
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55. Least force required to draw a body up the inclined plane is W sin (plane inclination + friction angle) applied in the direction
A.Along the plane
D.At an angle equal to the angle of friction to the inclined plane
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56. The ratio of limiting friction and normal reaction is known as
A.Coefficient of friction
B.Angle of friction
C.Angle of repose
D.Sliding friction
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