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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Engineering Mechanics }

246. The value of acceleration due to gravity at moon is g/6, where g is the value of acceleration due to gravity at earth. The value of frequency of oscillation of simple pendulum on moon as compared to earth will be
B.1/√6 times
C.1/6 times
D.√6 times
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247. A body in S.H.M. will have maximum velocity when its amplitude is
B.-ve maximum
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248. The length of a Second's pendulum is
A.99.0 cm
B.99.4 cm
C.100 cm
D.101.10 cm
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249. In planetary motion, following parameter remains constant
A.Angular velocity
B.Linear velocity
C.Angular acceleration
D.Total angular momentum
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250. The escape velocity on the surface of the earth is
A.1 km/sec
B.3.6 km/sec
C.8.8 km/sec
D.11.2 km/sec
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251. The vehicle moving on a level circular path will exert pressure such that
A.The reaction on the outer wheels will be more
B.The reaction on the inner wheels will be more
C.The reaction on the inner as well as outer wheels will be equal
D.It depends upon the speed
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252. The maximum efficiency of a screw jack with square threads and friction angle of 30° can be
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