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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Engineering Mechanics }

239. The period of vibration of a pendulum is least at sea level where the latitude is
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240. Body executing SHM while passing through mean position will have kinetic and potential energies as follows
A.Maximum, minimum
B.Minimum, maximum
C.Zero, maximum
D.Maximum, maximum
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241. In seconds pendulum, the pendulum executes
A.One beat per second
B.Two beats per second
C.Ten beats per second
D.Half beat per second
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242. In S.H.M. the acceleration is proportional to
C.Time period
D.Effective length of pendulum
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243. In S.H.M. we have conservation of
A.Kinetic energy
B.Potential energy
D.Total energy
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244. The motion of a particle, executing SHM, from one extremity to other constitutes
A.One oscillation
B.Two oscillations
C.Four oscillations
D.Half an oscillation
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245. Which one of the following laws is not applicable for a simple pendulum
A.The time period does not depend on its magnitude
B.The time period is proportional to its length (l)
C.The time period is proportional to √l(length)
D.None of the above
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