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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Engineering Mechanics }

232. The sum of kinetic and potential energy of a falling body
A.Is constant at all points
B.Varies from point to point
C.Is maximum at staring and goes on increasing
D.Is maximum at starting and then goes on decreasing
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233. A 100 kg weight falls 10 cm on a 10 kg/cm spring, The spring will deflect by
A.10 cm
B.5 cm
C.20 cm
D.2.5 cm
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234. Two railway wagons of masses 12 and 10 tonnes moving in the same direction at speeds 3 metres per second and 5 metres per second respectively collide and then move together. Their common speed is given by
A.3.91 m/sec
B.2.75 m/sec
C.2.2 m/sec
D.4.5 m/sec
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235. The period of oscillation of a simple pendulum depends on
A.Mass of bob
B.Radius of bob
C.Density of bob
D.Its effective length
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236. A body is vibrating at 10 vibrations/sec in SHM of 10 cm amplitude. The maximum velocity in cm/sec can be
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237. Three perfectly elastic and similar balls are lying on floor. When one is struck with velocity v, it strikes second and onwards third. What will be their resultant velocity at end
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238. In order to double the period of simple pendulum
A.The mass of its bob should be doubled
B.The mass of its bob should be quadrupled
C.Its length should be doubled
D.Its length should be quadrupled
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