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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Engineering Mechanics }

218. Period of simple harmonic vertical oscillation of a loaded light spring
A.Is independent of mass attached to the spring
B.Increases with increase in mass attached to the spring
C.Decreases with increase in the mass attached to the spring
D.None of the above.
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219. A boy is swinging on a swing. If another boy sits along with him without disturbing his motion, then the time period of swing will
C.Be doubled
D.Remain the same
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220. The direction of projectile for the range to be maximum on the inclined plane of 30° to horizontal should be
A.30° with vertical
B.60° with vertical
C.30° with inclined plane
D.None of the above
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221. Which of the following is not a scalar quantity
C.Weight of a body
D.Body's mass
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222. Which of the following is an example of a body undergoing translational equilibrium
A.A body at rest on a table
B.A body traveling in a circular path at a constant speed
C.A body rotating with a constant angular speed about an axis
D.A body sliding down a friction less inclined plane
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223. The frequency of a vibrating string is
A.Directly proportional to square of the tension
B.Inversely proportional to the square root of the mass parameter for unit length.
C.Inversely proportional to the diameter of the string
D.Directly proportional to the square root of the mass per unit length
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224. When two systems are in resonance, then the following parameter for both is equal
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