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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Engineering Mechanics }

211. A swinging pendulum eventually stops because its energy is
B.Converted to kinetic energy
C.Converted to potential energy
D.Converted to heat energy
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212. The length of a second's pendulum on the surface of earth is 1 metre. The length of second's pendulum on the surface of moon, where g is 1/6th of the value of g on the surface of earth, is
A.1/6 metre
B.6 metres
C.1/36 metre
D.36 metres
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213. The energy of a damped oscillator
A.Decreases linearly with time
B.Increases linearly with time
C.Decreases exponentially with time
D.Increases exponentially with time
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214. A tunnel is dug through the earth from one end to the opposite end along a diameter and a particle is dropped at one end of the tunnel. The particle will
A.Come out of the other end
B.Execute simple harmonic motion about the centre of the earth
C.Immediately come to rest at the centre
D.Stay at the point where it is dropped
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215. The type of motion when the acceleration is proportional to displacement is called
D.Simple harmonic
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216. As the acceleration of a vibrating particle executing simple harmonic motion increases, its time period
C.Remains unchanged
D.First decreases and then increases
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217. A small metal ball is tied to alight string and is suspended inside a lift. The ball is set to oscillations. The period of oscillations is maximum when the lift is
A.At rest
B.Moving downward at a constant speed
C.Moving upward at constant speed
D.Moving downward with acceleration
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