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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Engineering Mechanics }

204. The velocity of the satellite in an orbit close to earth's surface depends on
A.Radius of the orbit only
B.Acceleration due to gravity only
C.Product of radius and acceleration due to gravity
D.Product of radius and gravitational constant
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205. The force keeping the planets in a regular orbit is
A.Electrostatic force
B.Magnetic force
C.Gravitational force
D.Nuclear force
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206. A thief stole a box full of jewellery of W kg and while carrying it on his head jumped down from third storey of the building. Before he reached the ground, he experienced a load of
C.Less than W
D.Greater that W
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207. The escape velocity of a body on earth
A.Increases with the increase of its mass
B.Decreases with the increase of its mass
C.Remains unchanged with variation of mass
D.Varies as the square of the change in mass
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208. A simple pendulum is set into oscillations. The bob of the pendulum comes to rest after some time due to
A.Friction of air
B.Its mass
C.Tension in the string
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209. The amplitude of a vibrating body situated in a resisting medium
A.Decrease exponentially with time
B.Increases exponentially with time
C.Decreases rapidly with time
D.Remains constant with time
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210. A simple pendulum is vibrating in an evacuated chamber. It will
A.Oscillate forever with the same amplitude and frequency
B.Come to rest eventually
C.Oscillate at the same frequency and amplitude will decrease with time
D.Oscillate with the same amplitude and its frequency will decrease with time
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