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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Engineering Mechanics }

190. A partially filled tank is being carried on a truck moving with constant acceleration. The water level of free surface in tank
A.Will remain horizontal
C.Move up in front and down in back
D.Move up in back and move down in front
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191. When a body falls freely under gravitational force, it possesses
A.Maximum weight
B.Minimum weight
C.No weight
D.No effect on its weight
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192. When the spring of a watch is wound it will possess
A.Heat energy
B.Kinetic energy
C.Potential energy
D.Wound energy
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193. Which of the following remains constant during flight of a projectile
A.Angle of projectile
B.Horizontal component of velocity
C.Vertical component of velocity
D.Sum of its kinetic energy and potential energy
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194. The escape velocity in relation to orbital velocity is
B.√2 times
C.1/√2 times
D.2 times
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195. The velocity of a satellite in order that it remains in a particular orbit, depends upon
A.Mass of the satellite
B.Initial velocity of projection
C.Distance of satellite from the centre of earth
D.Inclination of the pIane of the orbit with equatorial plane
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196. A satellite is kept on moving in its orbit around the earth due to
A.Centrifugal force
B.Centripetal force
C.Gravitational force
D.Resultant forces acting on satellite
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