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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Engineering Mechanics }

183. A car is moving with a velocity of 60 km/hr and possesses energy of 5 x 10^5 joules. The mass of car will be
A.3000 kg
B.1800 kg
C.500 kg
D.250 kg
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184. A stone is whirled in a vertical circle. The tension in the string is greatest when the tone is
A.In the lowest position
B.In the highest position
C.In the position when the string is horizontal
D.Tension is equal in all positions
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185. The weight of an object would be minimum when it is placed
A.At north/south pole
B.At hill
C.At equator
D.At the centre of the earth
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186. A 10 cm diameter wheel is rotating at 420 rpm. Its angular speed in radians/sec is equal to
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187. A stone tied to the end of a 20 cm long string is whirled in a horizontal circle with a constant angular speed. If the centripetal. Acceleration is 980 cm per sec^2, then its angular speed will be
A.98 radians/sec
B.49 radians/sec
C.14 radians/sec
D.7 radians/sec
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188. A stone is whirled in a vertical circle, the tension in the string is greatest
A.When the String is horizontal
B.When the stone is at the highest position
C.When the stone is at the lowest position
D.At all the positions
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189. The apparent weight of a man in moving lift is less than his real weight when it is going down with
A.Uniform speed
B.An acceleration
C.Some linear momentum
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