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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Engineering Mechanics }

134. A wound watch spring possesses energy stored in the form of
A.Kinetic energy
B.Potential energy
C.Mechanical potential energy
D.Mechanical kinetic energy
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135. Work is equal to
A.Force x velocity
B.Force x time
C.Force x distance
D.Mass x acceleration
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136. When a horse pulls a cart, he moves forward by the force
A.Exerted on him by the cart
B.He exerts on the cart
C.He exerts on the ground
D.Exerted on him by the ground
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137. A rubber ball strikes a wall and rebounds. A lead ball of the same mass and velocity strikes the same wall and falls down. Which of the following statements is correct ?
A.Both undergo an equal change in momentum
B.The momentum of rubber ball is less than that of lead ball
C.The change in momentum suffered by lead ball is less than that of rubber ball behaviour of lead ball and rubber ball is unpredictable
D.None of the above
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138. A ball will cover maximum distance when - it is kicked at a certain angle to the horizontal. This angle is
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139. An elastic rod, 1 m long of negligible weight hangs downward from a support. In one case a load is applied on rod, 20 cm below the support and in other case the same load is applied at bottom of rod. The reactions at supports in these two cases will be
A.More in first case
C.More in second case
D.Data are not sufficient to determine the same
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140. The S.I. unit of pressure is
A.Newton metre square
B.Newton metre
C.Newton per metre square or pascal
D.Newton per metre
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