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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Engineering Mechanics }

99. A cable with a uniformly distributed load per horizontal metre run will take the following shape
A.Straight line
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100. Tension in a string is maximum at
A.Left support
B.Right support
C.Mid way
D.Quarter span
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101. Whenever two elastic bodies collide with each other, the phenomenon of collision takes because the two bodies
A.Immediately, after collision come momentarily to rest
B.Tend to compress each other till they are compressed the maximum possible
C.Attempt to regain the original shape due to their elasticity
D.All of the above
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102. A circular roller of weight W is hanging by a tie rod and resting against a smooth vertical wall. The tension in tie rod will be
A.Equal to W
B.Less than W
C.Greater than W
D.None of the above
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103. The force induced in any string due to load W will be
A.W cosecθ
B.W secθ
C.W tanθ
D.W cotθ
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104. A chord ABC is attached at two points A and C on two vertical walls. A pulley B of infinitesimally small radius carries a load Wand is free to roll without friction along the chord. Tension in AB compared to BC will be
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105. A ladder resting against a wall will never slip irrespective of where man stands on it, if the ladder makes an angle
A.Not greater than friction angle with vertical
B.Equal to friction angle with vertical
C.Greater than friction angle with vertical
D.Any angle irrespective of friction angle
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