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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Engineering Mechanics }

85. The C.G. of a plane lamina will not be at its geometrical centre in the case of a
A.Right angled triangle
B.Equilateral triangle
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86. The C.G. of a right circular solid cone of height h lies at the following distance from the base
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87. The M.I. of hollow circular section about a central axis perpendicular to section as compared to its M.I. about horizontal axis is
D.Four times
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88. M.I. of a triangle of base a and height h, about the base is given by
A.ah^3 /6
B.ah^3 /12
C.ah^2 /6
D.ah^2 /12
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89. M.I. of a triangle of base a and height h, about an axis passing through its c.g. and parallel to the base is given by
A.ah^3 /8
B.ah^3 /12
C.ah^3 /36
D.ah^3 /24
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90. Which of the following is the example of lever of first order
A.Arm of man
B.Pair of scissors
C.Pair of clinical tongs
D.All of the above
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91. A pair of smith's tongs is an example of the lever of
A.Zeroth order
B.First order
C.Second order
D.Third order
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