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General Knowledge Objective Questions { World History }

43. Who is the chairman of International Olympic Committee ?
A. Juan Antonio Sarnaranch
B. Jacques Rogge
C. Kim-un-Yong
D. Dick Pound

44. When were the Commonwealth Games organised for the first time?

45. How far did the Indian Team reach in the Women's Cricket World Cup Tournament 2005 held in South Africa ?
A. Finals
B. Semifinals
C. Quarter-finals
D. Preliminary round

46. Who is the fourth bowler to get 500 wickets in Test Cricket recently?
A.(I) Glenn McGrath
B. Anil Kumble
C. Shoab Altlitar
D. Jason Gillespie

47. Where will the 2010 World Cup Football Tournament beheld?
A. Brazil
B. South Africa
C. Italy
D. Thailand

48. The International Cricket Council has banned Sourav Ganguli from playing in four one-day matches
A. due to the slow over rate of India in one-day matches when he was captain of the Indian team
B. for . protesting against umpire's decision when he was given 'out'
C. for quarrelling with the captain of the Pakistani team
D. for walking away from the ground with his team against umpire's decision

49. Where did International Cricket Council (ICC) shift its headquarters from Lords, United Kingdom on August 1, 2005?
A. Sydney
B. Melbourne
C. Jamaica
D. Dubai

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