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General Knowledge Objective Questions { World History }

99. Serena Williams is one of the top ranked sportswomen of
A. Badminton
B. Shooting
C. Tennis
D. Chess

100. Which country has won the Hop-man Cup recently ?
A. Spain
B. Germany
C. Great Britain Australia

101. 2018 FIFA World Cup would be held in
A. Russia
B. Qatar
C. France Netherlands

102. Which of the following countries did not win any of the "FIFA World Cup" in 2002, 2006 & 2010?
A. Brazil
B. Argentina
C. Spain
D. South Africa

103. The 2010 FIFA World Cup Final was held at :
A. Paris
B. Berlin
C. Johannesburg

104. Who got the Purple Cap' for taking maximum number of wickets in IPL-4 series ?
A. Harbhajan Singh
B. Lasith Malinga
C. Daniel Vettori
D. Albie Morkel

105. The Formula 1 Indian Grand Prix was held on October 30, 2011 at
A. Delhi proper
B. Greater Noida
C. Gurgaon
D. Hyderabad

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