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General Knowledge Objective Questions { Sports GK }

22. Who among the following holds the record for the maximum number of gold medals at the Common-wealth Games ?
A. Grahm Smith
B. Susie O'Neill
C. Petria Thomas
D. Michael Brown

23. How many gold medals did India win at the Common-wealth Games-2002 held at Manchester?

24. Who won the Golden Ball award for the best player at the FIFA World Cup 2002 tournament ?
A. Rivaldo
B. Michael Ballack
C. Ahn Jung-hwan
D. Oliver Kahn

25. Who became the youngest Grand Master of India ?
A., Vishwanathan Anand
B. Dibyendu Barua
C. Pendyala Hari Krishna
D. Pravin Thipsay

26. Who was declared be Wisden as The Best Indian Bowler of the Century" (20th century)?
A. Kapil Dev
B. B.S. Chandrashekhar
C. B.S. Bedi
D. Subhash V.Gupte

27. Correlate the cricket grounds and the cities where the ICC World Cup 2003 competition games were held.(a) The Wande tab (b) St. George's Park (c) Kings Mead (d) Queens City
A. Bulawayo
B. Durban
C. Johannesburg
D. Port Eli7s, beth Ground

28. In which sports is the participant called pugilist ?
A. Wrestling
B. Boxing
C.Javelin throw
D. Sprinter

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