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General Knowledge Objective Questions { Sports GK }

183. Ranji Trophy is given to the sportpersons in
A. Football
B. Hockey
C. Cricket
D. Kabaddi
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184. Which player got stripped of his seven Tour de France titles and got banned for life by the International Cycling Union ?
A. Nicola Adams
B. Chris Hoy
C. Lance Armstrong
D. Jason Kenny
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185. Bull's eye is used in the game of
A. Boxing
B. Basketball
C. Polo
D. Shooting
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186. Lionel Messi, the winner of four FIFA Ballion d'or and World Player of the year, belongs to
A. Brazil
B. Spain
C. Argentina
D. Germany
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187. Who is the brand ambassador of the Hockey India League (HII.) 2013?
A. Pargat Singh
B. Dhanraj Pillai
C. Navjot Singh Siddhu
D. Virat Kohl!
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188. Where is the headquarters of the International Olympic Conunittee located 9
A. Italy
B. Switzerland
C. Belgium
D. France
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189. Who was elected as the Ninth President of International Olym plc Committee (IOC) on 10th September, 2013?
A. Thomas Bach
B. Ching - Kuo ? Wu
C. Sergei Bublta
D. Richard Carrion
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