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General Knowledge Objective Questions { Sports GK }

176. In which event in the Asian Athletic Championships, 2013 Vikas Gowda won a gold medal ?
A. Long Jump
B. 400 mts. Running Race
C. Shot Put
D. Discus throw
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177. Which one of the following Grand Slam titles is also known as "Rolland Garros" title ?
A. Australian Open
B. French Open
C. Wimbledon
D. U.S. Open
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178. Who won the Wimbledon Men's Singles in 2013?
A. Andy Murray
B. Novak Djokovic
C. Juan Martin Del Potro
D. Fernando Verdasco
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179. Who won the Silver Medal for the Women's 400 metre race in the Asian Athletic Championships 2013?
A. Zhao Yanmin
B. M.R. Poovamrna
C. Tintu Luka
D. MayoolthaJohny
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180. Which country won the maximum number of medals in the Asian Athletic Championships held in Pune recently ?
A. Japan
B. Saudi Arabia
C. Bahrain
D. China
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181. Which country will host the next World Cup Football in 2014?
A. France
B. Chile
C. Brazil
D. Spain
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182. Ryder Cup is awarded to the players of :
A. Baseball
B. Basketball
C. Cards
D. Golf
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