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General Knowledge Objective Questions { Sports GK }

85. Indira Gandhi Cup is associated with
A. Basketball
B. Football
C. Boxing
D. Cricket

86. The highest number of medals in the Beijing Olympics was won by
A. China
C. Germany
D. Britain

87. The venue for the )00( Olympic Games is
A. London
B. Toronto
C. Liverpool
D. Las Vegas

88. The Commonwealth Games 2010 will be held in
A. Bengaluru
B. Delhi
C. Sydney
D. Jamaica

89. The three medals that Indians won in the Beijing Olympics were in
A. Shooting, Boxing and Wrestling
B. Shooting, Boxing and Archery
C. Shooting Wrestling andTennis
D. Shooting, Boxing and Hockey

90. Who lost the AFC (Asian Football Confederation) Final, 2008 to India?
A. Myanmar
B. Sri Lanka
C. Pakistan
D. Tajildstan

91. Who won the U.S. Open Tennis Men's Singles in August 2008?
A. Roger Federer
B. Rafael Nadal
C. Mahesh Bhupati
D. None of the above

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