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General Knowledge Objective Questions { Sports GK }

71. World No. 2 Rafael Nadal won the French Open, 2007 defeating
A. Stefan Edberg
B. Andy Roddick
C. Roger Federer
D. Fred Alexander
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72. The first Commonwealth Games were held in the year 1930 at
A. London (UK)
B. Sydney (Australia)
C. Hamilton (Canada)
D. Auckland (New Zealand)
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73. When are the XIX Commonwealth Games scheduled to be held in Delhi?
A. December, 2008
B. November, 2009
C. October, 2010
D. February, 2011
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74. Who won the U.S. Open (Lawn Tennis) in September 2007?
A. Novak Djokovic
B. Roger Federer
C. Rafael Nadal
D. None of the above
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75. Name the Vice-captain of the Indian Cricket Team which toured South Africa in T-20 tournament recently.
A. Virender Sehwag
B. Anil Kumble
C. Irfan Pathan
D. Yuvraj Singh
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76. Which of the following Twenty-20 Cricket Rules is not correctly stated ?
A. Each inning has a time limit of 75 minutes. For every over bowled after that, the batting side gets extra 6 runs
B. If a batsman fails to reach the crease within 90 seconds after the fall of wicket, the bowling side gets 5 penalty runs
C. A bowler can bowl a maximum of 6 overs per innings
D. Fielding restrictions are applicable for the first six overs of the innings
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77. What was the mascot of the Second Asian Indoor games which were held at Macau sometime back ?
A. Miwiki
B. Mei Mei
C. Chei Chei
D. Chei Mei
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