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General Knowledge Objective Questions { Physics }

106. The atmospheric layer reflecting radio waves is called?

107. 'Cryogenics' is a science dealing with?
A.High temperatures
B.low temperatures
C.friction and wear
D.growth of crystals

108. The mass-energy relation is the outcome of?
A.Quantum theory
B.general theory of relativity
C.field theory of energy
D.special theory of relativity

109. Which of the following are used for accurately measuring very small time intervals?
B.Quartz clock
C.Atomic clocks
D.White dwarfs

110. Why does bleeding occur through the nose in high mountainous regions?
A.The pressure of blood in capillaries is greater than the outside pressure
B.The pressure at high altitudes is greater than that on the plains
C.The blood pressure of a person increases at high altitudes
D.The blood pressure fluctuates and finally decreases drastically

111. Danger signals are generally red as red light?
A.is least bright
B.undergoes least deviation
C.has lowest velocity
D.gives comfort to eye

112. A simple microscope consists of?
A.a short focus convex lens
B.a long focus convex lens
C.a short focus concave lens
D.a long focus concave lens

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