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General Knowledge Objective Questions { Indian Geography }

484. Which Union Territory is at the bottom of child-sex-ratio?
A.Dadra and Nagar Haveli
C.Andaman and Nicobar Islands
D.Daman and Diu
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485. Which is the largest State (area - wise) in India ?
A.Madhya Pradesh
D.Andhra Pradesh
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486. The southernmost point of India Is
D.Indira Point
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487. The northern part of the west coast is known as
A.Coromandal coast
B.Malabar coast
C.Konkan coast
D.Northern circars
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488. The burst of monsoons in the month of June brings rain to
A.Kerala and Karnataka
B.Kerala and Southern coast of Tamil Nadu
C.Kerala, Tamil Nadu and parts of Andhra Pradesh
D.Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka
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489. The typical natural vegetation above 3600 metres on the Himalaya is
A.alpine grassland
B.alpine forests
C.coniferous forests
D.subtropical pine forests
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490. Delhi gets winter rainfall due to
A.south west monsoons
B.north east monsoons
C.conventional rain
D.western disturbance
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