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General Knowledge Objective Questions { Indian Geography }

218. Who was the first Indian woman to scale Mt. Everest?
A.Bachendri Pal
B.Fu Dorji
C.Aun Sang Suu Kyi
D.Yoko Ono
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219. Which is the largest state of In- I 272. dia, population-wise, according to 2001 census ?
C.Uttar Pradesh
D.West Bengal
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220. The term "Green Revolution" has been used to indicate higher production through
A.creation of grasslands
B.planting more trees
C.enhanced agricultural productivity per hectare
D.creation of gardens in urban areas
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221. Namdhapa National Park is in
D.Arunachal Pradesh
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222. On which of the following rivers is the Tehri Hydropower Complex located ?
C.Dhauli Ganga
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223. Indian Standard Time relates to
A.75.5° E longitude
B.82.5° E longitude
C.90.5° E longitude
D.0° longitude
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224. The length of India's coastline is about
A.4900 kms
B.5700 kms
C.7500 kms
D.8300 kms
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