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General Knowledge Objective Questions { Indian Geography }

71. Sex ratio refers to number of woman
A.per sq. km. in relation to males
B.per 1000 males
C.per state in relation to males
D.and number of men in an area

72. E longitude is geographically significant to India because
A.it determines the Indian standard time
B.it has a bearing on the tropical climate of India
C.it divides India into eastern and western zones
D.it enables deterinining local time in eastern India

73. River Damodar is called 'Sorrow of Bengal' because it
A.gets flooded often causing havoc
B.Causes maximum soil erosion
C.forms number of dangerous waterfalls
D.is not a perennial river

74. Cultivation of wheat requires
A.moderate temperature and heavy rains
B.humid temperature and heavy rains
C.humid temperature and moderate rains
D.moderate temperature and moderate rains

75. Which among the following integrated iron installation does not come under the management of Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL)?

76. World's maximum newsprint comes from-
A.Deciduous forest
B.Monsoon forest
C.Mangrove forest
D.Rainfed forest

77. 'The highest multipurpose darn built on the river Ravi is-
A.Bhakra Nagai
C.Ranjit Sagar dam
D.Rihand dam

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