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General Knowledge Objective Questions { Indian Art and Culture GK }

29.  Where did the dance form "Mohini Attam" develop ?
A. Manipur
B. Kerala
C. Karnataka
D. Tamil Nadu

30.  Who is competent to dissolve the Rajya Sabha ?
A. The President
B. The Chairman, Rajya Sabha
C. The Lok Sabha
D. None of these

31.  Which among the following is a martial dance ?
A. Kathakali
B. Bamboo dance of Meghalaya
C. Chhau of Mayurbhanj
D. Bhangra of Punjab

32.  Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra was a maestro of which of die following dance forms ?
A. Kathak
B. Odissi
C. Kuchipudi
D. Bharatnatyam

33.  The Gandhara Art flourished during the period of
A. Guptas
B. Mauryas
C. Satavahanas Kushans

34.  Which was the first talkie feature film of India ?
A. Raja Harischandra
B. AlarnAra
C. Duniya na Mane
D. Aadami

35. Yamini Krishna Murthy is famous for which style of dancing ?
A. Manipuri
B. Garba
C. Bharatanatyam
D. Kathak

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