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General Knowledge Objective Questions { Indian Art and Culture GK }

113.  "Sattriya Nritya" recognised as a classical dance form of India by the Sangeet Natak Akademi only in 2000, originated from
A. Assam
B. Karnataka
C. Gujarat
D. Tripura

114.  In which one of the following films did Fran act as a character artist and not in the role of a villain ?
A. Ram aur Shyarn
B. Zanjeer
C. Madhumati
D. Himalaya Ki Godh Mein

115. Which one of the following films was not directed by Satyajit Ray?
A. Aparajita
B. Charulata
C. Pather Panchali
D. Salaam Bombay

116.  A semi-circular structure with a dome shape roof erected over the sacred relics of Buddha is known as
A. Stupas
B. Edicts
C. Pillars
D. Monoliths

117.  The name of the great maestro of Indian Music "Ustad Bismillah Khan" is related to
A. Shehnai
B. Tabla
C. Sarod
D. Flute

118.  Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma is an exponent of
A. Mandolin
B. Santoor
C. Sitar
D. Veena

119.  The religious text of the Jews is named as
A. The Analectus
B. Torah
C. Tripitaka
D. Zend-Avesta

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