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General Knowledge Objective Questions { Indian Art and Culture GK }

99. Who of the following is a famous Tabla player ?
A. Zakir Hussain
B. Vildut Vinayakram
C. Pt. V.G. Jog
D. Palghat Mani Iyer

100.  Giddha' is a form of dance associated with the state of :
A. Punjab
B. Himachal Pradesh
C. Haryana
D. Rajasthan

101.  Bihu is a festival that is observed in :
A. West Bengal
B. Maharashtra
C. Assam
D. Tamil Nadu

102.  'Rath Yatra' at Puri is celebrated in honour of
A. Lord Rama
B. Lord Shiva
C. Lord Jagarmath
D. Lord Vishnu

103.  'The most popular festival in Tamil Nadu is :
A. Gudipadwa
B. Onam
C. Bihu
D. Pongal

104.  What is the name of the famous folk drama of Bhils?
A. Gavari
B. Swang
C. Tarnasha
D. Rammat

105.  Raja Ravi Verma of Kerala was a distinguished
A. dancer
B. painter
C. poet
D. singer

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