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General Knowledge Objective Questions { Indian Art and Culture }

78.  Who, amidst the following is a distinguished painter?
A. Anuita Shergill
B. N. Rajam
C. Kamala Dasgupta
D. U. Srinivas
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79.  Which is the field in which Ustad Bismillah Khan has distinguished himself?
A. Sitar
B. Guitar
C. Shenai
D. Hindustani (Middle Zone)
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80.  Padma Subramaniam is an exponent of classical dance
A. Kuchipudi
B. Odissi
C. Bharata Natyam
D. Mainpud
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81.  Which one among the following is least like the others?
A. Kathakali
B. Bhangra
C. Kuchipudi
D. Bharat Natyam
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82.  Raja Ravi Verma is related to?
A. Music
B. Painting
C. Science
D. None of these
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83.  Pt. Shivkumar Sharma is an exponent of
A. Tabla
B. Sarod
C. Violin
D. Santoor
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84.  Where do the striptease artists work ?
A. Cabarets
B. Films
C. Circus
D. Plays
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