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General Knowledge Objective Questions { Indian Art and Culture GK }

1.  In which of the following stvles dance the al.oryf theta:, is always taken [ma; Manabharata and Ra. ? nwaria
A. Odissi
B. Bharatnatyam
C. Kuchipudi
D. Mohiniattam

2.  Which among the following is the pop' dar dance form of Maharashtra's musical theatre ?
A. Lavini
B. Nautanki
C. Tamasha
D. Gatha

3.  In which of the gollowing we find difference in the sounds made by sitar and veena ?
A. pitch
B. quality
C. Both and
D. None of these

4.  In which of the following dialects Kabir wrote ?
A. Avadhi
B. Bhojpuri
C. Brijbhasa
D. Maithili

5.  What is "Vishva Mohini"?
A. Name for India's Beauty Queen
B. The title given to Lata Mangeshkar for her contribution to music
C. An Indian ship
D. A famous book on Indian dances

6.  Who amongst the following is renowned in the field of painting?
A. Parveen Sultana
B.2) Prof. T.N. Krishnan
C. Ram Kinkar
D. Raja Ravi Varma

7.  Who amongst the following is renowned in Hindustani classical music (vocaki
A. Shovana Narayan
B. M. S. Subbalakslunl
C. Pt. Jasraj
D. M. S. Gopalakrishnan

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