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General Knowledge Objective Questions { Discoveries and Inventions GK }

22. The first thermionic valve was invented by
A. Thomas Edison
B. Richardson
C. J.A. Fleming
D. Lee De Forest

23.  Gunpowder was invented by
A. Roger Bacon
B. Colt
C. C.V. Raman
D. Dr. Gatting

24.  For which invention is Otto Hahn famous?
A. Atom bomb
B. Television
C. X-rays
D. Miner's safety lamp

25.  Leprosy bacillus was invented by
A. Koch
B. Hansen
C. Fleming
D. Harvey

26.  X-rays were discovered by
A. Becquerel
B. Roentgen
C. Marie Curie
D. Van Lue

27.  Who discovered cement?
A. Agassit
B. Albertus Magnus
C. Joseph Aspdin
D. Janseen

28.  Who discovered North Pole ?
A. Amundson
B. Robert Peary
C. John Cobot
D. Captain Cook

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