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General Knowledge Objective Questions { Discoveries and Inventions GK }

8. Who invented the polio vaccine (oral) ?
A. Jonas Salk
B. Albert Sabin
C. Burkholder
D. Robert Koch

9. Who invented the "Voice Mail"?
A. Gordon Matthews
B. Alexander Graham Bell
C. J.A. Fleming
D. V. Poulsen

10.  Who is the father of cellular phone ?
A. Linus Torvalds
B. Percy Lebaron Spencer
C. Fred Morrison
D. Martin Cooper

11.  Which among the following events occurred first ?
A. John Logy Baird demonstrated first television
B. Alexander Flemming discovered pencillin
C. Telecast of talking pictures on television by BBC
D. Jonas E. Salk developed first polio vaccine

12.  Who is known as 'the Father of Geometry' ?
A. Pythagoras
B. Euclid
C. Aristotle
D. Kepler

13.  What is the name given to the outermost "planetoid" discovered recently in the Solar System ?
A. Quark
B. Xenon
C. Sedna
D. Asterix

14. Who introduced the use of artifcial heart for surgery ?
A. Christian Barnard
B. Michael de Bakey
C. Walton Lillehel
D. Denton Cooly

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