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General Knowledge Objective Questions { Discoveries and Inventions GK }

1. Who invented optical fibre?
A. Samuel Cohen
B. Narinder Kapany
C. Percy L.Spencer
D. T.H. Mairnah

2. Who invented Radar?
A. J. H. Van Tassel
B. Wilhelm K. Roentgen
C. P. T. Farnsworth
D. A. H. Taylor and Leo C. Young

3. Who produced the first automobile?
A. Gottleib Daimler
B. Henry Ford
C. Rudolf Diesel
D. Karl Benz

4. Who was associated with the creation of Pentium Chip ?
A. Arun Netravalli
B. Sabeer Bhatia
C. C. Kumar Patel
D. Vinod Dham

5. Who invented the video-tape?
A. Richard James
B. Charles Ginsberg
C. P.T. Farnsworth
D. Georges de Mestral

6. Who invented the laser?
A. Sir Frank Whittle
B. Fred Morrisson
C. T.H. Maiman
D. Dr. Charles H. Jones

7. Which company invented the transistor ratio ?
A. Sony
B. Grundig
C. Panasonic Telstra

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