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General Knowledge Objective Questions { Computer and IT GK }

22.  Nano technology deals with objects with dimensions in the range of
A. 10-3 m
B. 10-6 m
C. 1Cr9 m
D. 10-12 m

23.  An Intelligent terminal
A. has a microprocessor, but cannot be programmed by the user
B. can process small data processing jobs, with the use of a large CPU
C. interacts with the user in English
D. cannot take data from the user

24.  Processor's speed of a computer is measured in
C. Baud
D. Hertz

25.  'C' language is a
A. Low level language
B. High level language
C. Machine level language
D. Assembly level language

26.  Window 7, the latest operating system from Microsoft Corporation has Indian languages fonts.

27.  In a 14" TV or computer monitor, the dimension of 14" stands for
A. the length of the screen
B. the breadth of the screen
C. the diagonal of the screen
D. the maximum length of the screen

28.  Who is called the Father of Computer?
A. Charles Babbage
B. Stephen Hawking
C. W.G. Grace
D. John Lennon

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