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General Knowledge Objective Questions { Computer and IT GK }

15.  Which of the following mobile telephone network is not based on GSM technology?
A. Idea
B. BPL Mobile
C. Airtel
D. Reliance

16.  A compact disc (CD) is a data storage system of the type
A. magnetic
B. optical
C. electrical
D. electro-mechanical

17.  Who developed the concept 'World Wide Web'?
A. Tim Berners-Lee
B. Microsoft
C. Arthur Clarke
D. AT & T Bell Lab

18.  IC in computers stands for
A. Integrated Charge
B. Integrated Current
C. Integrated Circuits
D. Internal Circuits

19.  WLL stands for
A. Walking Land Line
B. Walking Loop Line
C. Wireless Land Line
D. Wireless in Local Loop

20.  A computer virus is
A. a chemical that attacks silicon.
B. a micro-organism that destroys integrated circuits
C. data that the computer fails to handle.
D. a special kind of computer programme.

21.  Which one of the following companies announced sometime back the launch of India's first personal computer with one terabyte hard chive capacity?
A. Infosys Technologies
B. Wipro
C. HCL Infosystems

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