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General Knowledge Objective Questions { Computer and IT GK }

99.  Pick the odd one out :
A. Java clients
B. Worms
C. Trojan Horse
D. Virus

100.  The rate at which scanning is repeated in a CRT is called:
A. refresh rate
B. resolution
C. pitch
D. bandwidth

101.  Telnet is a:
A. browser
B. protocol
C. gateway
D. search engine

102.  The term ODBC stands tor:
A. Object Database Communication.
B. Open Database Communication.
C. Open Database Connectivity.
D. Object Database Connectivity.

103.  Both the ALU and Control Section have special purpose storage locations called:
A. Registers
B. Accumulators
C. Bus
D. Address

104.  A translator for the assembly language to machine language is
A. assembler
B. compiler
C. interpreter
D. linker

105.  Where is India's super computer 'PARAM' located ?
A. Chennai
B. Pune
C. Bengaluru
D. Kolkata

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