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General Knowledge Objective Questions { Computer and IT GK }

92.  ATM is the abbreviation for
A. Automatic Teller Machine
B. Automated Teller Machine
C. Authentic Teller Machine
D. Authorised Teller Machine

93.  A 'Bit' refers to
A. Binary informatics
B. Bilingual information
C. Binary terminator
D. Binary digit

94.  allows users to access accounts and pay bills
A. Distance Learning
B. Online Banking
C. E-Commerce
D. Multimedia

95.  The act of writing new data into register
A. is possible only when the register is an accumulator
B. is possible only when the register is an accumulator or instruction register
C. erases the previous contents of the register
D. is non-destructive to existing contents

96.  Which one of the following is an optical disk ?
A. Jar disk
B. Super disk
C. Worm disk
D. Zip disk

97.  The term API refers to
A. Application Program Interface
B. Application Program Interaction
C. Applied Program Interaction
D. Application Process Interface

98.  A Floppy Disc can store data.
A. 1.44 bytes
B. 1.44 MB
C. 1.44 KB
D. 1.44 GB

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