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General Knowledge Objective Questions { Computer and IT GK }

1.  What is the size of Floppy Diskette which is used normally ?
A. 31/2"
B. 5"
C. 4"
D. 3"

2.  A compact disc (CD) is a data A storage system of the type :
A. Magnetic
B. Optical
C. Electrical
D. Electromechanical

3.  Where is the National Institute of Excellence in the field of Information Technology and Allied Sciences proposed to be set up?
A. Bangalore
B. Hyderabad
C. Pune
D. Allahabad

4.  Which of the following circuit is used as 'Memory device in computers?
A. Rectifier
B. Flip-Flop
C. Comparator
D. Attenuator

5. Which of the following is not a role assigned to Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Parks?
A. Training
B. Testing and Calibration
C. Technology development
D. Raising funds for entre-preneurs

6.  Which of the following is not recommened as a 'value added' telecommunication service?
A. Electronic Mail
D. Radio-Paging Service

7.  The basic application of an 'AND' 6" gate in computers is for:
A. addition
B. subtraction
C. multiplication
D. division

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