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General Knowledge Objective Questions { Books and Authors GK }

8. A book that brought awareness of environment all over the world was Silent Spring. It was written by
A. Julien Huxley
B. Rachel Carson
C. John Seymour
D. Frank Graham Jr.

9. Who is the author of Business peed of Thought?
A. Dick Francis
B. John Gray
C. Bill Gates
D. David Baldacci

10. The writer who refused the Nobel Prize for literature was
A. Winston Churchil
B. Jean Pal Sartre
C. Boris Pasternak
D. Prem Chand

11. Who created the unforgettable literary character Swami ?
A. Vikram Seth
B. R. K. Narayan
C. Mulk Raj Anand
D. Hari vansh Rai Bachchan

12. Who is the author of the book 'Courts And Their Judgements'?
A. Justice Mr. V.R. Krishna Iyer
B. Arun Shourie
C. F.S. Nariman
D. Ram Jethmalani

13.  Who is the author of the book "Life of Fl"?
A. Yann Martel
B. Rohinton Mistry
C. Ken Follet
D. M.J. Mbar

14. Which among the following is not a work of Rabindranath Tagore ?
A. Chitra
B. Kapala Kundala
C. The Court Dancer
D. Chithrangada

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