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General Knowledge Objective Questions { Books and Authors GK }

100.  Who wrote 'Indica' ?
B. Megasthenes
C. Fa-hien
D. Hieun Tsarg

101.  The book "Employment, Interest and Money" was written by
A. J. M. Keynes
B. A. Marshal
C. D. Patinkin
D. Mark Tolly

102.  Who has written the famous play "Neel Darpan" depicting the atrocities of British indigo planters ?
A. Prem Chand
B. Bankirn Chandra Chatterjee
C. Dinabandhu Mitra
D. Subrarnania Bharati

103.  The "One Straw Revolution" was written by :
A. Richael Carlson
B. M.S. Swaminathan
C. Norman Borlaug
D. Masanobu Fukuoka

104.  Who wrote the book "Why Socialism" ?
A. Mahatma Gandhi
B. Achar3ra Narendra Dev
C. M.N. Roy
D. Jayaprakash Narayan

105.  Natya Shastra' was written by
A. Bharat Muni
B.Narad Muni
C.Jandu Muni
D.Vyas Muni

106.  Who is the author of the book "A Cricketing Life" ?
A. Christopher Martin Jenkins
B. Stunt Gavaskar
C. Kapil Dev
D. Tony Greig

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