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General Knowledge Objective Questions { Books and Authors GK }

85.  Which one of the following newspapers had been edited by Gandhiji ?
A. Navjeevan
B. Gujarat Times
C. Maratha
D. Jan Satta

86.  Who is the author of the book The Zigzag Way" ?
A. Anita Desai
B. Simran Sodhi
C. Jahnavi Barua
D. Lisa Genova

87.  The author of The Satanic Verses' is
A. Kushal Das
B. Salrnan Rushdie
C. Rammurthy
D. John Grisham

89.  `Slumdog Millionaire' film is based on the book 'Question and Answer' written by :
A. Vikas Swarup
B. Vinesh Swaroop
C. Vimal Swaroop
D. None of the above

90.  Who is the author of the famous book 'A Better India : A Better World' ?
A. Azim Prem Ji
B. Rajiv Sikri
C. N. R. Narayana Murthy
D. Prema Mahajan

91.  Who has authored the book`Straight From the Heart" ?
A. Kapil Dev
B. Kapil Sibal
C. Kapil Srirnohan
D. None of these

92.  The book 'Satanic Verses' was written by
A. Agatha Christie
B. Gunnar Myrdal
C. Gabriela Sabatini
D. Sahnan Rushdie

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