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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Transmission Lines and Waveguides }

15. If a SWR of 4 : 1 exists on a line, percentage power absorbed by the load is
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16. A transmission line of 50 ohm characteristic impedance is terminated in a resistive load of 100 ohm. The voltage reflection co-efficient equals
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17. A quarter-wave transformer is
A. a two-winding conventional transformer having core length equal to X/4
B.an auto-transformer having total wiring length equal to X/4
C. a segment of transmission line near the load end which is equal in length to one-quarte of wavelength of the signal on the line
D. an ordinary transformer used to connect load and line at a distance of X/4 from the input end.
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18. Which of the following statement is not correct?The function of a quarter-wave transmer is to
A. make it appear that load and line are matched reduce line losses
B. increase reflection co-efficient
D. reduce SWR to 1: 1
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19. Regarding stubs which statement is not correct?
A. stubs are used for eliminating standing waves on a transmission line
B. they are usually placed in parallel with the transmission line close to the load end of the line
C. they are nothing else but short sections of the transmission line either open-circuited or short circuited
D. generally, they are longer than X/2
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20. Indicate the FALSE statement. Higher the value of SWR of a transmission line,
A. greater the mismatch between line and load
B. greater the power loss
C. more the noise
D. higher the velocity factor
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21. Which one of the following statements is WRONG? If the SWR of a transmission line is infinity, it is terminated in a/an
A. complex impedance
B. short circuit
C. open circuit
D. pure reactance
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