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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Television Engineering }

43. In a colour TV set, alignment of three colour guns to a common point is known as
A. demodulation
B. blooming
C. confetti
D. convergence
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44. Absence of one colour in a colour picture indicates
A. shorting of one of the guns in picture
B. defect in colour video amp
C. either (a) or (b)
D. none of the above
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45. Presence of colour bars in the picture of a colour TV set is usually caused by
A. chroma amplifier
B. reactance tube
C. automatic frequency phase control (AFPC)
D. either (b) or (c)
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46. If, in a colour TV set, picture tends to be one colour and also tends to bloom out white at times, the problem is likely to be in
A. demodulator stage
B. burst separator
C. colour oscillator
D. colour killer
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47.  If a person's face appears to be either too long or too short on a TV picture, you should adjust
A. vertical height control
C. vertical linearity control
D. pin phase and pin amp controls
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48. In a TV set, RF bias control is used to obtain
A. best overall snow-free picture
B. desired level of flesh tones
C. correct vertical shapes and figures
D. the best black and white gray raster on a monochromes station
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49. When referring to colour TV receivers, ATC stands for
A. automatic tone control
B. automatic tint control
C. automatic television control
D. automatic tuner control
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