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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Television Engineering }

36. A single horizontal line across the middle of a TV screen indicates trouble in
A. horizontal section
B. vertical section
C. tuner
D. video section
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37. Wavy and slow-rising white hum bars in a TV set are usually caused by a bad
A. flyback transformer
B. picture tube
C. filter
D. rectifier
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38. A silvery and out-of-focus TV picture often indicates a bad
A. picture tube
B. high voltage transformer
C. video amplifier
D. rectifier
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39. A weak or overloaded picture can usually be corrected by adjusting
A. vertical oscillator
B. horizontal oscillator
C. tuner
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40. The three primary colours in the chrominance signal of a colour TV are
A. red, green, orange
B. red, green, blue
C. blue, green, magenta
D. yellow, green, cyan
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41. Vivid and strong colours are often referred to as
A. tint
B. luminance
C. chrominance
D. saturation
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42.  If a colour TV set has weak colour, the problem is most likely to be in
A. convergence assembly
B. demodulator stage
C. chroma amplifier
D. colour detector
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