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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Television Engineering }

372.  One of the following controls the tape speed
A. Drum
B. Scanner
C. Capstan
D. Guide band
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373. Video signal is recorded on an optical disk in the form of microscopic pits. These pits
A. very in depth
B. have a constant width
C. have a constant depth
D. none of these
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374. The frequency 10 octaves above 30 hz would be
A. 300 Hz
B. 30 MHz
C. 30.72 kHz
D. 15.36 kHz
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375. The frequency (fn) greater than zero for which the signal from the head drops to zero for tape playback is known as null frequency. This null frequency for a recorded wavelength of 0.6 micron and writing speed of 6 m/s would be
A. 6 sMhz
B. 10 MHz
C. 600 kHz
D. indeterminate from given data
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376. One of the following statements is false regarding vestigial side band transmission used for television picture signal
A. It is from of amplitude modulation
B. The whose of upper sideband is transmitted
C. The lower sideband is not transmitted except for higher modulating video frequencies
D. If the picturecarrier is 62.25 Mhz and the modulating frequency 0.25 MHz, the sideband frequencies that are transmitted are 62.5 MHz and 62 MHz
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377. With reference to satellite television,
A. 6 GHz isan uplink frequency
B. 4 GHz is a down link frequency
C. 6 GHz is a downlink frequency
D. both (a) and (b)
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378. The transmitter power is 10 W. It is increased by an antenna gain of 30 dB. The effective radiated power in watts is
A. 100 watts
B. 30 watts
C. 10,000 watts
D. 1000 watts
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