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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Television Engineering }

365. The system that uses a laser beam for playback is
A. Capacitive Electonic Disc (ECD)
B. Betamax
C. Very High Density (VHD) system
D. VLP system
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366. The video heads rotate at high speed to increase the
A. tape speed
B. tape rotation
C. writing speed
D. tape tension
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367. One of the following statements is true with reference to the recording of information on magnetic tape
A. The wavelength to be recorded should be shorter than the width of the head gap
B. The shortest recorded wavelength should typically be twice the width of the head gap
C. In video recording, it is the recording head and not the tape that moves during the recording process
D. For effective magnetic tape recording,the tape should move with a speed that is large enough so as to give a recorded wavelength that is at least ten times the width of head gap
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368. The high frequency response improves
A. with a thinner gap
B. with a thicker gap
C. when the writing speed is low
D. when the head also moves
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369. While recording a TV programme on a video cassette recorder
A. it is essential that both TV and VCR are operating on the same channel
B. the brightness and contrast should be optimally adjusted on the TV screen
C. the TV and VCR can be operated on different channesl
D. none of these
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370. The highest frequency that can be effectively recorded on a video tape recorder having a writing speed of 6 m/s and the recording head gap width of 600 nm is
A. 5 Mhz
B. 10 MHz
C. 2.5 Mhz
D. 3 MHz
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371. Increasing the head drum diameter
A. increases the writing speed for a given rpm
B. decreases thewriting speed for a given rpm
C. has no effect on the writing speed
D. makes the system mechanically more stable
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