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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Television Engineering }

358. In colour television, all natural colours are represented in terms of red, green and blue video signals. The colour that produces the highest red video signal amplitude is the
A. white
B. yellow
C. violet
D. red
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359.  In colour television transmission, the brightness variations of the picture information are in
A. chrominance signal
B. luminance signal
C. R?Y, G?Y and B?Y signals
D. none of these
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360.  Greater peak to peak amplitude of the chrominance signal implies
A. higher white content
B. higher R and G content
C. higher saturation
D. more hue
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361. The colour hue or tint is represented by the phase angle of the chrominance signal produced corresponding to that tint. With this background, the tint that is 180? opposite in phase to yellow is
A. cyan
B. blue
C. magenta
D. red
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362. The hue is given by the phase angle of the C-signal. If the C-signal corresponding to a certain colour has I and Q magnitude of 0.866 and 0.5 respectively, the phase angle of the C-signal representative of the colour hue is
B. 20?
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363.  A horizontal resolution of 240 lines for a certain television receiver implies a video frequency response of
A. 4 MHz
B. 4.5 MHz
C. 3.5 MHz
D. 3 MHz
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364. One of the following systems can be used for both recording and playback
A. Capacitive Electronic Disc (CED)
B. Laser Disc
C. Video Home System (VHS)
D. Very High Density (VHD)
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